Is Dr. Patricia Nyanga Laverley Still The Deputy Minister of Finance After Her Appointment at The African Development Bank?

Alarm has been raised in many quarters as to whether Dr. Patricia Laverley is still the Deputy Minister of Finance in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Patricia N. Laverley who was serving as the Deputy Minister of Finance at the Ministry of Finance was in public eye till news of her new appointment at the African Development Bank Group got published.

Dr. Patricia Laverley has been appointed as a Country Manager of the African Development Bank Group in Tanzania and was to commence work at her new office on 1 November, 2021.

On 13 December, 2021, African Development Bank re-announced her appointment while referring to her as an American National without making any reference to her Sierra Leone nationality or her job as the Deputy Minister of Finance.

The question has now been raised as to whether she has resigned her position as the Deputy Minister of Finance or whether she is carrying both jobs at the same time.

Report or notice of her resignation from the Ministry of Finance has not reached this Media House and many others.

The government or the Ministry of Finance also has not come out to explain whether Dr. Patricia Laverley has quitted her position as Deputy Minister or she is handling both offices at the same time – something which is unlikely.


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