Among housemates in the Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV categorized in the game players in the house, Paul Mbayo has proven to be uncompetitive as he bags the award if it is only to be awarded. As it stands in the house, Paul Mbayo is in love dilemma as he finds it challenging to make his choice between Lolo Simeon and Juliet Konya Sesay.

According to our sources, Paul Mbayo had a connection with Lolo Simeon long before they entered the house. Outside the house before the 22 housemates were called in the house, Lolo and Paul had made some plans about their stay in the house. When both were fortunate in the house, they congratulated each other with hugs and smile.

In their first week of the house, Lolo claimed Paul changed completely from the initial plans. This was because Paul met Juju Jeks and fell in love with her. Lolo on the other side was depressed but had to fight and later conquered her emotions.

Juju Jeks who was later evicted two weeks after the show started out Paul in a situation he had to befriend with Patricia Rose Tucker aka Pat Rose. With Pat Rose, Paul forgot that he had started building a relationship with Juju Jeks. Being a game player is very risky sometimes as it becomes difficult to fall back to the previous when you failed from you game plans.

Lolo and Mamie Thomas later hooked up and within few weeks in the house, Lolo became so interested in Mamie Thomas. When Mamie Thomas and Pat Rose were evicted on the six week of the show, Paul Mbayo took the opportunity of Mamie Thomas’ absence to gain Lolo’s attention back. This method of his seemed not to be effective not until later on during the week he was giving a bit of attention.

As the house is known for its Yagba theme, ‘The game get yagba, if you nor able pull an’ it has on Wednesday twist the game by bringing four evicted housemates back into the house and among them was Juliet Konya Sesay aka Juju Jeks.

Juju’s arrival in the house has put Paul into a love dilemma of making his choice between Lolo Simeon and Juliet Konya Sesay. He ha been spotted on secluded places trying to apologize to Juju over his actions the past weeks.

The question now is, will Juju allow and accept him back after being outside and saw him playing his games in the house? The other is, will Lolo even encourage his friendship now that Juju is around?

The Yagba game continues…!!!