The Secretary at Elder Dumpster Limited Shipping Line stated that out of 33 countries, only Sierra Leonean fishermen have not received their end of year benefits making their payment being withhold by the company.ย 

Details of an exclusive interview with Mr. Nathaniel Mansaray revealed that Mr. Mohamed Lamin Tarawalley, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, has refused to publish the white paper of the Justice Alghali Commission of Enquiry. This publication is necessary for the fishermen to receive their end-of-year service benefits from Elder Dempster Limited Shipping Line.

According to him, Elder Dempster is a British shipping company that employed 2,600 Sierra Leonean fishermen in 1820. However, only 826 fishermen entered into the Justice Alghali Commission of Enquiry for payment of their end-of-service benefits.

He said the enquiry commenced from 1991-1994, and since then, they have been working with the shipping company to secure their payments.

Mr. Mansaray mentioned that several governments have come and gone, but it is only now that they have reached a stage where the company is ready to pay. The company has informed them that they need the government of Sierra Leone to publish the Justice Alghali Commission of Enq uiry’s white paper for the payments to be made.

“We have engaged both the current Chief Minister and the former Clerk of Parliament to convince the minister to publish the white paper, but we are yet to see any positive move,” he explained.

He also said they have engaged President Julius Maada Bio, who, on August 1, 2023, wrote a formal letter to the Minister to publish the document. However, this has not been done.

Mr. Mansaray pleaded with the Minister of Justice to take action, noting that out of 826 fishermen, about 500 have died.

He emphasized that hundreds of fishermen and their families have suffered because they have not received their end-of-year service benefits.

Efforts have been made to reach Mr. Mohamed Lamin Tarawalley for his side of the story, but they have been unsuccessful.