The Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion has issued advice to all political parties ahead of the June 2023 elections.

The Commission addressed all political parties intra-party there could be the possibility of intra-party violence initiated by differences as the country edge towards elections this June.

All political parties are encouraged to put robust measures in place to prevent these differences from escalating into violent conflicts that threaten National peace and security,” the Commission said in a press release.

They implored political parties to maintain the peace and stability the country has enjoyed since a decade of civil war.

The Commission added that it should be ‘incumbent’ on all citizens to preserve ‘the hard-won peace’ as the nation is looking forward to being the most peaceful nation in Africa.

The Peace Commission, in another vein, applauded the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) for their peaceful conduct in their just concluded National Delegates’ Conference.

The Commission wishes to inform the general public that it witnessed the event of last week’s event and is pleased with the SLPP’s leadership and general membership’s demeanour,” it said.

The Commission appreciated the example set by the SLPP and asked others to follow in order to continue to maintain peace and order.

They promised to closely monitor other party activities as they did the SLPP.

Sierra Leone will go to the polls on the 24th of June this year.

Political analysts have predicted that this is going to be one of the most contested elections since the end of the war.