Disgruntled youths and women of the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) have reportedly threatened to harm the party’s Interim chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh because, according to them, he is hell bent on derailing the party’s chances of winning the forthcoming 2023 multi-tier elections.

Once of the APC grassroots woman who identified herself as Mammy Kabba in an audio message, informed the public that they the women have become fed-up with Alfred Peter Conteh’s “anti-party activities” and that “enough is enough.”

According to her, they are giving Peter Conteh a grace period of one week for him to allow the party to hold its lower-level elections. She emphasized that should he fail to do so; they will have no opinion but to storm the party office and force him to do the needful.

Mammy Kabba said that they, as APC women, are suffering as, according to her, a good number of them are breadwinners of their hones as their husbands are out of job. She even questioned where Alfred Peter Conteh got his APC membership from as, according to her, a good number of them do not even know him.

According to some APC youths at Ataya Bases and ghettos, they will manhandle Peter Conteh and his cohorts whenever they have the chance to do so. They further accused the APC Interim chairman of being behind all the protracted issues in the party; a reason they have vowed to take drastic actions against him and his allies.

Meanwhile, the Communications Officer for the 21-Man Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) of the APC, Sulaymani Bumneh Kamara, has fired back at those who have declared Alfred Peter Conteh wanted for “disrupting the peace and unity of the party.”


A latest press release from the Communications Unit of the APC -ITGC has informed the public that some members of the party are trying to disrupt the peace and security of the country through the perpetration of various forms of violent acts across the country.

The press release further drew the attention of the security apparatuses across the country to the threat posed by these groups of people on social media and urged them to treat it with utmost seriousness as it is against the State and leadership of the land.

Sulaymani Bumneh Kamara called on all APC members to be law abiding and wait for further information regarding the upcoming lower-level elections and National Delegates’ Convention.