Pharmacy Board Sierra Leone Issues Statement on Drug Allegedly Leading to Bleeding

The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has stated messages making rounds on social media about a particular drug allegedly leading to bleeding and death.

A few days back there was an audio and some photos of blood circulating on social media WhatsApp to be precise alleging that a boy bought worm medicine from a pharmacy and after taking it he started bleeding and later died.

As the body responsible for drugs in the country, the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has issued a statement that reads
“The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone (PBSL) has received a Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction report of bleeding and death allegedly linked to Mebfil (Mebendazole 100mg).

As a result of this, PBSL has started an investigation and requested the Marketing Authorisation Holder( MAH) to recall all Mebfil products from the Sierra Leone market, including all distribution points such as hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacies, drug stores, and patent medicine shops.

The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone is currently supervising the quarantine of the said product so that no patient or consumer will have access to it pending the conclusion of the ongoing investigation.

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Therefore, all healthcare professionals and the general public are advised not to prescribe, dispense or take Mebfil until the investigation is completed and a formal communication is released by the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone, Ministry of Health and Sanitation”.


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