Popular Actress and TV host Phebean Swill was selected by the State Department of the United States of America under the Young African Leaders (YALI) to partake in an in-person Alumni Enrichment Institute (AEI) program in the United States.

Nine Sierra Leoneans were selected to participate in this 2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF) for Young African Leaders, but Phebean Swill and Tamba Sangbah were additionally selected to take part in an in-person Alumni Enrichment Institute program as a result of their outstanding performance during their virtual fellowship participation in the 2021 MWF program. Both of them couldn’t travel to the United States for the previous edition due to Covid19 restrictions.

Phebean was selected under the ‘Leadership In Business’ track and an incredible performance. She did her placement at Drake University in Iowa and furthered with a Professional Development Experience (PDE) at the Judische Kulturbund Project, all through her virtual participation last year.

All African countries are represented in this year’s program, and they will be heading to various universities for placements. Phebean Swill will be going to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

The actress and TV Presenter who was hosting a reality show before she traveled to the States, shared the news of her attending the AEI program on Facebook few days ago:

“Today is Mandela Day! And I find myself in Washington DC at Marriot Marquis attending the AEI for MWF2021 under YALI.

As an African, Mandela Day means the following to me;

  1.  Leadership – Mandela was a fierce leader.
  2. Resilience – He spent 27years in prison and never gave up.
  3.  Forgiveness – He came out, forgave and encouraged the nation to forgive and move on.
  4.  Tolerance – Mandela embraced tolerance.
  5.  Freedom – Madiba represents true freedom.

Happy Mandela Day!”

The AYV TV Presenter is one of the most influential Sierra Leonean youths, women’s rights activists and advocates. She is a multi award winning TV anchor, actress and entrepreneur.

The other nine Sierra Leoneans leaders participating in the 2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders include Samuel Saidu, James Kpaka, Aminata Kandeh, Alex Bayoh, Precious Lamin, Nyangah Rogers-Wright, Laura Nicol, Adama Sillah, Issa Thullah.

Source: Vertex Media