One Mr Abu Swarray, a Sierra Leonean pilgrim has reportedly passed away in Mecca during the Hajj Pilgrimage.

The body of Mr. Swarray will be laid to rest in the holy land of Mecca.

Swarray’s death comes days after Muslims return from Arafat and almost at the conclusion of Islamic pilgrimage.

Reports have said that the man died of natural causes.

A local Islamic digital media organisation, One Deen clarified that his death is unrelated to the hajj ceremony. They referenced researches that have shown that that each year numerous number of pilgrims died in Mecca during the hajj pilgrimage. (

“It should be in important to note that these incidents are not related to the Hajj itself but reflect the will and timing of God.

“It was reported that as much as we know that there are births that occur while people are participating in the Hajj (like for instance, some Nigeria women have the habit of going to Hajj when they are pregnant, despite the Nigeria Hajj Officials advice against it).

“So it is possible that in such a lager gathering to have reports about someone’s passing during the Hajj Pilgrimage,” One Deen said.