Sierra Leone youngest female entertainer, Hajaratu Bangura popularly known as Pinkee Pinkee has on a recent talent show tilted ‘Fry Fry Talent show’ bagged best composed song among other entertainers in the first edition of the Fry Fry talent show organized by Fry Fry Radio, 97.1 FM.

News of the competition was posted in the radio’s official website with criteria to the competition. The competition ranges from Music/Rap, Painting, Poetry and Spoken words. The criterion to stand a chance to winning a category of the competition was to record a two minutes demo video about Fry Fry Radio and send to an official work number.


With diverse people with different talents competing on different categories. Talents were seen from various poets, musicians, artist etc. In the category of Music/ Rap, young female rapper, Hajaratu Bangura stage name Pinkee Pinkee bagged best music in the competition. He was named Pinkee Pinkee to the fact that she adores Pinkee as her favourite colour.

Radio Fry Fry 97.1 FM is a community radio station that provides trending news, within and outside Sierra Leone. The world is a global village where citizens of any nation should be a citizen of the world and be well informed. In Sierra Leone, among other well known radio and TV broadcasting stations bringing news to Sierra Leoneans, Radio Fry Fry is among the dedicated radio stations to providing trusted news and entertainment for its listeners.

On the 4th January 2022 Radio Fry Fry went on air as the first Audio Visual Radio Station in Sierra Leone expanding the normal radio experience and using state of the art technology as a unique brand to broadcast, innovate and create content. Radio Fry Fry is currently broadcasting in five (5) major cities of Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Kono and Freetown; with its headquarter located in the capital city. (Radio Fry Fry) According to statistic reports, the radio station is now reaching over 3.5 million population of the country within the first four months of its existence.