Residents of # 3A Angola town Goderich Freetown in persons of Mohamed Alie Kamara, Isatu Turay, and Mohamed Bundu made a destress call on Thursday 18th August 2022 at about 04:00 hours, of an arm robbery attack at their premises.

The mobile patrol team headed by the Astute Ops Officer in person of Chief Inspector Duwai swiftly responded to the calls and visited the scene.

In the process, suspects namely: Alpha Mansaray and Saidu Kamara aka Bomp Tok were arrested with a gun (pistol), machetes (cutlasses), giant cutter, and iron bar. Other items discovered at the scene are: one blue jean shirt, one long khaki trousers, one black and white sneakers, one waist bag and, one pot all in police custody and treated as exhibits.

Complainants alleged of been robbed of properties including various mobile phones, substantive amount of money and assorted valuable items. One of the complainants Mohamed Alie Kamara sustained injuries on his right small finger, right foot and left jaw while Isatu Turay sustained a swelling face both further complained of general body pains. They were issued with a police medical reports for medical examination.

At the scene, it was discovered that the robbers made their way through into residents when a barb wires on the fence leading to one of the gates were cut off.

Concerted efforts of the criminal investigation department are ongoing as suspects Alpha Mansaray and Saidu Kamara aks Bomp Tok are presently helping the police with investigations.