Sierra Leone Police have arrested Diana Konomanyi, Femi Claudius-Cole and Karamoh Kabba and detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Femi Claudius-Cole arrest came after she accompanied Diana Konomanyi who had been invited to the CID in regards to a video she made encouraging her Kono people not to take part in the census.

Although Femi personally had no invitation, the Police decided to detain her as well at least for a statement. For this, Femi insisted that if they were going to interrogate her about statements she made in the media about the census, they needed to bring the transcript or play the video or audio. After communication between CID and the Attorney General’s office, it was decided that she should be held until they get the transcript, however long it takes.

Karamoh Kabba of APC was also arrested allegedly for riotous conduct. It was confirmed by a Police officer, that Mr. Kabba was not in the procession but a senior officer named Senessie apparently ordered that he should be arrested and added to the group. They have all been charged to Court and will appear tomorrow.