The National Cyber Security Coordination Centre (NC3) has on Monday 13th March 2023, donated computer items to the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) at their George Street Headquarters in Freetown.

The donation to SLP was done by the Coordinator of the Center, Mrs. Mariama Yormah as a way of enhancing the capability of the police to carry out the detection and investigation of cyber crimes in and out of Sierra Leone.

The donations were received by AIG Brima Jah on behalf of the Sierra Leone Police.

The items donated include Laptops, write blockers, multi-ultra block forensic card readers, docking stations, flash drives, and faraday bags.

In her brief statement, the Coordinator, Mrs. Yormah highlighted the need to ensure that cyberspace is protected and safer for users.

She added that the Cybersecurity and Crime Act was enacted by parliament in 2021 to ensure digital crimes are nipped We the bud.

We are aware of the proliferation of social media and the threat it poses on nationality and human well-being. So it’s imperative to put laws in place that ensure the safe use of the internet just like how physical crimes the re handled by law. These cyber crimes are not only perpetrated in the country but also by other people domicile in other countries, that’s why international cooperation is key in making our work easy,” she explained.

She continued to hail the collaboration she has enjoyed with the Sierra Lea one Police as key partner to ensure the work of the center is actualized.

According to Mrs. Yormah, they have trained police officers in the past weeks to capacitate them in understanding the law and how to handle cyber crimes.

AIG Brima Jah applauded the donations and assured NC3 of their continued commitment to the fight against cyber crimes.

Sierra Leone enacted the Cyber Security and Crime Act 2021 to respect international commitments made during the landing of the fiber optic in Sierra Leone. This is in line with the Budapest Conv, mention, Malabo and Ecowas Directives.