The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) have asked a former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mira Dumbuya to return home following her resignation or face potential arrest on suspicion of possessing classified documents.

According to ACP Brima Kamara, Media Liaison for the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Dumbuya had been deployed on a Peacekeeping mission in New York by the police, and her designated term expired on January 12, 2024.

He claims she did not follow proper procedure upon returning, requesting an “administrative leave” which was denied.

Kamara said Dumbuya was instructed to report back and resume duty before requesting any further leave. He added that she never returned and her resignation letter only surfaced on social media 21 days later, exceeding the allowed absence period.

In her resignation letter, Dumbuya cited unexplained injustices as the reason for her departure, despite her pride in her service and appreciation for the opportunities provided to her.

Dumbuya lamented the unjust treatment she had endured over time. “I have sadly concluded that it is time to resign from the Sierra Leone Police based on some unexplainable injustices that have been meted on me overtime,” she wrote.

Speaking on the matter, ACP Brima Kamara said: “She applied that she needs an administrative leave, but she was refused as that was not the due process. She was asked to come and report first that she has completed the work that was given to her by the SLP and resume for duty after which she would be qualified to ask for any leave she sort for and would be granted.โ€

โ€œTo let someone resigns we always have to look at the document and see the reasons for the resignation. If you have a disciplinary hearing or that you have a pending case that the SLP conducts against you, then if you ask for resignation, it would not be granted.โ€ He said.

He emphasized that Dumbuya’s removal wasn’t related to gender, highlighting the police force’s commitment to protecting women. He pointed out initiatives like accelerated promotions for female officers, which Dumbuya reportedly benefited from, and denied any discrimination against her.