The Sierra Leone Police has briefed the media about the deployment of 150 peacekeeping personnel to South Sudan during their weekly press conference on Thursday 26th May, 2022.

John Tumbay, Head of Peacekeeping and Assistant Commission of Police said the Sierra Leone Police would be fully ready to conduct an examination across the country for the deployment of 150 peacekeeping personnel to South Sudan. He stated that the process was approved by the United Nations in the bid of commemorating International Peacekeeping Day as well continue to restore peace in South Sudan.

He added that United Nations would decide the type of mission these personnel should carry out.

Assistant Commission of Police, John Tumbay revealed that 30% of female police officers would deployed for the first time in the history of Sierra Leone under the the command and operation of United Nations.

He said their terms of preference would capture around mentoring, capacity building and advising the local police they would be working with.

He affirmed that the United Nations laws and the Sierra Leone disciplinary codes would be used to cover these personnel.

He said for the Form Police Unit (FPU) the Sierra Leone Police had provided package of their basic needs particularly uniforms and sanitary pads for the women ahead of their trip. “The uniforms are procured in Sierra Leone with the same quality of one year guarantee,” James Tumbay affirmed.

He assured that commendable welfare service would be supplied for the personnel in order to maximize their operations and livelihood.

James Tumbay said United Nations would cater for the Individual Police Unit (IPU) for the rest of their stay. He stated that whiles in South Sudan, they would provide an allowance for these workers know as Mission Subsistence Allowance sponsored by United Nations.

James Tumbay disclosed that there would be Contingent Commander who would be in charge for the deployment of these personnel in various locations within South Sudan.