Assistant Inspector General of Police, Amadu Mannnah, has, in a press conference held at the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters in Freetown, informed journalists of the introduction of a joint patrol all over Sierra Leone.

He said the nationwide night patrol is for the SLP and RSLAF to ensure there is peace and sanity. AIG Amadu Mannah also said that the joint patrol has assisted the police a lot, and it has helped on the reduction of crime rate all over Sierra Leone.

He added that, since the introduction of any major incident of crime at night, which shows that the SLP and the RSLAF are working.

He furthered informed his audience that they provided equipment for them, which the team can use for the smooth running of their duties. He went on that, those equipment are what their personnel will use to give an update to their various Divisions all over the country.

The Director of Operations called on journalists, who may wish to join the night patrol, to do so in the form of accredited as they have already done for SLBC reporters.

In another development, AIG Amadu Mannah said that the Sierra Leone Police and staff of Guma Valley visited Guma Valley Dam, where they were briefed on the water catchment and the level of encroachment.

He said that the level of encroachment is very huge and if stakeholders do not do something about it, it is likely that Freetown will go without water in the next years to come.

He furthered that, because of such behaviour, the police are going to deploy both soldiers and police personnel.

According to him, there is a lot of pressure in the forest and that is one of the oldest forests in the Western Area, adding that people are do desperate to do construction in Freetown.

According to The New Storm Newspaper, he said stakeholders have to do something for such to stop immediately.