During a press conference held by the Sierra Leone Police on the 5th July 2022, at it’s headquarters, the issues surrounding the 4th of July strike action by some insiders and strike action by agitators including Politicians  were addressed.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Amadu Manneh carefully outlined the events Surrounding the Strike actions.

He stated that some members from the COPP recently approached the police requesting for a warrant in undertaking a peaceful strike action.

There were various party representatives from the various opposition parties who requested for this warrant.

After a long deliberations between the COPP and the police they came to a conclusion denied them a warrant for the peaceful protest mainly because the police think that this protest is requested for at a bad time

According to  the AIG he mentioned that, right across the country there are several queues at fuel Stations of innocent citizens, and amongst other economic issues that the entire country is faced with, they saw videos and audios that were making rounds on Social media whereby the police and commercial riders were threatened and thus by warranting a Protest they are indirectly promoting violence in the country there duty is to promote Peace and Violence

AIG Mannah further mentioned that the head of the unity party, Femi Claudius Cole was seen parading with placards on social media Challenging the police, claiming that she and her protesters will conduct the protest without the Police permit.

According to the AIG, she was arrested because she made do on her claims and the police saw this as an act of public incitement.

He said she was is therefore charged for committing a crime that and this was what led to her arrest.