A senior police officer is facing investigation after he was accused of impersonating Foreign Affairs Minister and defrauding a business woman monies worth $2,500.

The accused, inspector Mohamed Lahun, has been arrested and is at Criminal Investigation Department facing investigation for using a fake Facebook account to defruad business people.

Inspector Mohamed Lahun is said to use a Facebook account impersonating the Foreign Affairs Minister, claiming to help a business woman import certain goods.

The accused requested monies worth over $2,000 in piecemeal from certain Mary Kailie, promising to help her import mobile phones and electricals through DHL from the US.

According to police, on 15 November, 2021, the accused together with others lured Mary Kailie to pay another money, claiming that the goods had arrived.

On the course, police intervened and arrested Inspector Lahun and one other while the other escaped.