The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has announced its aggressive pursuit of suspects involved in the recent shooting of a fisherman aboard his vessel at sea.

In a bid to enhance maritime security, the SLP will soon deploy three new patrol vessels/boats within the country’s territorial waters, according to Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Mohamed Abu Braima Jah, Esq., Director of Operations.

The attack on the fisherman’s vessel occurred in the vicinity of “Yeliboya,” as revealed by officials during a press conference held at the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters.

Yeliboya is a riverine and an island fishing community located in the Northwest region of Sierra Leone.

Commissioner Lahai addressed journalists, disclosing that no suspects have been apprehended at this time. However, he reassured the public that security forces are actively engaged in a search for the perpetrators, emphasizing the significant threat posed by such acts.

AIG Jah stressed the vital role these newly acquired vessels will play in combating maritime offenses, such as piracy and unauthorized fishing, within Sierra Leone’s territorial waters.

He further stated that the enhanced security presence is expected to act as a deterrent against the activities of armed robbers.

The Sierra Leone Police maintained that they are determined to bring the perpetrators to justice and ensure the safety of fishermen and vessels navigating the country’s waters.