Director of Traffic, Road Safety, and Management, Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Brima Kanneh, has disclosed that the SLP recorded 3,463 cases of road crashes in the country.

He disclosed that in Freetown West (from Central division to Goderich), 1,218 cases were recorded, whereas, for Freetown East (Eastern Police to Waterloo), the SLP recorded 1,078.

AIG Kanneh added that the SLP recorded 163 cases of road accidents in North West, and then North East, there were 80 road accidents, adding that Southern Region had 62 cases, and then Eastern Region 264 road accidents.

In terms of fatalities, AIG Kanneh revealed that for Freetown West, 27 males died as a result of road accident, whereas, 11 female died.

He continued that For Freetown on East t was 48 male and 29 female. In total, in terms of fatalities, there were 219 male and 77 female.

He furthered that North West was 41 male and 13 female. North East n at recorded 45 fatalities for male and to of 11 female. He added that Southern Region recorded 15 male and 2 re female, and then Eastern Region al at recorded 43 fatalities for male and 11 for female.

AIG Kanneh attributed the in many road crashes to the lack of the road signs on the road. He also mentioned that road crashes happened as a result of three other factors: they are: human, mechanical and environmental factors.

In terms of the human factor, he explained that mortals or drivers are into drugs and alcohol, noting that accidents are bound to happen if one has taken drugs before driving. He added that vehicle owners and drivers are always dragging feet to repair their vehicles.

He urged SLRA to place road signs in strategic locations, noting that the role of the police is to enforce the law.