Police in Sierra Leone on Monday carried out a search at the residence of Chairman Kasho J Holland-Cole, the District Council Chairman of the Western Area Rural District Council and Regional Chairman of the All People’s Congress – Western Region.

The police allege that Cole is in possession of arms and ammunition and is harboring escaped prisoners from Pademba Road Prison. This action follows comprehensive searches conducted on his family houses in Ibo Town, Waterloo, and his residence in John Obey, Peninsular.

The Waterloo Police, spearheaded by the Support Officer, executed the search warrant as part of efforts to address the alleged security breaches. The gravity of the situation is amplified by Chairman Cole’s prominent roles in both local government and regional politics.

The search operations at multiple locations indicate a meticulous approach by the authorities to uncover any evidence related to the alleged possession of arms and harboring of fugitives.

As the investigations unfold, the public eagerly awaits further details and clarification on the accusations against Chairman Kasho J. Holland-Cole.