The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has in a public notice announced that effective September 1, 2023, the Directorate of Traffic Management and Road Safety will enforce traffic measures and regulations against reckless motorists, garage owners, vehicle owners, motorcycle (Okada) and tricycle (kekeh) riders.

According to the police, this is as a result of the increased level of lawlessness and recklessness displayed by these people on the roads which have in many ways contributed to the increased number of recorded road crashes in the country; some of which are said to have resulted to serious injuries, fatalities and/or damage to property.

To restore sanity on the roads, ensure the safety of road users/pedestrians and also improve on the free flow of traffic, the police will on the aforementioned date enforce the following traffic measures and regulations:

  1. It shall be prohibited to abandon or park vehicles, motorcycles or tricycles on the road. Garage owners shall also not be allowed to use any of the roads as a garage. Vehicle, motorcycle, tricycle or garage owners must therefore ensure that they remove all vehicles, motorcycles or tricycles presently abandoned on the roads or which are parked on the roads for the purposes of repairs;
  2. It shall be prohibited to park vehicles on any of our roads in Freetown and the provinces for more than one hour. The Police and SLRSA will ensure strict compliance;
  3. No vehicle, under any circumstances, shall be allowed to park on or along the Hill Side Bye Pass Road;
  4. All bike riders and their pillions must use helmets while plying the roads. Defaulting riders and pillions will be arrested and prosecuted;
  5. With immediate effect, motorists, bike and tricycle riders are prohibited from parking on all major junctions along the road leading to and from Waterloo and the provinces. Motorists and riders are only allowed to drop and pick up passengers or pillions at all major.
  6. The restriction placed on commercial motorcycles (okadas) from plying the Central Business District is maintained and still in force.