Many Supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) have become reportedly suspicious that several senior members are habouring Selfish political ambition, thereby diverting from the party ‘s overeaching goal of staying in governance.

Some some supporters, who spoke to the Satellite on condition of anonymity out of feat of being marginalizd, accused several key members

In strategic constituencies have fallen apart with some of their executive members and supporters From Front Page at a time they should be galvanizing themselves and working towards winning the June 2023 national elections.

According to the supporters, several key stalwarts in the SLPP are nursing the ambition of campaigning selfishly campaigning on their own instead on behalf of the party which they claim is now starved of resources to encourage its supporters because of the greed and selfishness of several key stalwarts in the party.

They accused key senior members of SLPP of always being selfishly politically overambitious and such over-determination denied the party power in 1967, when the party lost power to the All People’s Congress (APC) because several key members in key constituencies had fallen apart with the then Leader of SLPP. Sir Albert Margal and, also in 2007, when the late former Vice President Solomon Ekuma Berewa lost the presidential runoff to APC’s Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma because key stalwarts in the SLPP chose to stand aloof instead of joining the party to campaign, whilst joined Charles Francis Margai to form the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) after he had left SLPP following the 2005 National Delegates’ Conference in Makeni.

Even President Bio lost the 2012 presidential election to Ernest Bai Koroma mostl ecause several key party members deserted him at the eleventh hour,” one of the supporters claimed.

With the crucial June 2023 national elections drawing close observations are that there are several key SLPP members who instead of rallying behind the Leader and vice leader to sell the party’s reelection agenda to the prople are busy organizing succession meetings.

“With the country having been hard hit by recent economic situation, the party’s cadress need to robustly galvanize voters in their support bases and it would be disastrously to supporters fail to turn up in droves at polling stations across the country because they do not get the necessary support from party officials,” the supporter warned.