Northwest Resident Minister and Presidential spokesperson, Hon Alhaji Alpha Kanu popularly known as Alpha Khan, has cast his vote at the Abaco technical college center in Port Loko District.

Kanu appeared in a simple attire of a plain white shirt, with enthusiasm to exercise his right as a citizen.

Assessing the atmosphere of the center in that part of the country, Kanu proudly spoke highly of the people of Port Loko District, describing them as people who believe in peace, unity, cohesion and development.

In addition, Kanu remarked that the people have turned out in large number to vote for development. In his words, “for development, for infrastructure. For development, for schools. For development, for women. That is why we are here to vote.”

He acknowledged the peaceful atmosphere and urged the people to continue maintaining the peace.

He concluded by urging the people of Port Loko, especially the Muslims to vote in President Bio, saying that the Islamic religion teaches them to repay goodness.