The APC and SLPP aspirants for the mayor in the Port Loko municipality have both cast their votes in their different polling stations in the district.

The SLPP candidate Ibrahim Kamara commonly called ‘What 4 You’, voted at the Abaco technical college center whiles the APC candidate, Alie Badara Tarawallie, casted his vote at the Deputy Minister of Education’s school.

Speaking to observers, both candidates expressed confidence over wining the Mayor election. They showed appreciation over the large turnouts and peaceful process and appeal to voters to maintain the peace.

Meanwhile, tensions at the Polling stations are reducing immensely unlike in the morning hours when voters were jampact at the various stations.

At the moment, there are no queues and voters are able to vote faster than earlier. Observers like ECOWAS, AU, Human Rights Commission, the Media, NEW and others are within the centers.

See photos of the environments below: