Only a political Lilliputian would imagine that the next Presidential election would be a smooth ride for both the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) and the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).

Perhaps, such naivety has caught up with wannabe candidates who have become too “comfortable” as a result of unrealistic and sycophantic assurances brought to their ears by opportunistic henchmen.

Politics is a game of numbers, therefore it is of strategic importance that political parties consider or choose individuals with the ability to mobilize potential voters. Any contrary move will be suicidal.

The race for the APC ticket is heating up and it is evident that very prominent names within government circles have not summed up the courage to make themselves available to an electorate that is increasingly keen to ensure they have a new President who carries the virtues which invariably made the incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma the most popular President in our political history.

Popular business man, Moseray Fadika was recently in the commercial town of Lunsar in the port Loko District where he was welcomed with “Jesus enters Jerusalem” style by thousands of residents.

The crowd went wild when “Super,” as he is commonly called, like a victorious Roman King, triumphantly entered the township as part of his recent moves to consult and encourage Sierra Leoneans to remain steadfast in their support of President Koroma’s prosperity agenda.

Those who are familiar with the political history of Sierra Leone cannot divorce themselves from the fact that Port Loko District is one of those “igbalehs” where decisions in the APC are reached and exported to ready-made and convert support bases across the country.

Winning the hearts and minds of our Bankasoka relatives is by every measurement a bright signal for an aspiring APC Presidential candidate.

Traditional leaders, religious bodies, women’s groups, and youth groups all came out to honour a man who continues to make meaningful contributions in their lives.

In the words of Feremusu Kargbo, “Pa Fadika has helped my husband build a modern house and I can now do business between Sierra Leone and Guinea.” For Feremusu and her husband, it is payback time as she believes that the Shandong Vice Chairman has done more than enough to be considered a worthy servant of the people of Sierra Leone.

Therefore, when the youths of Lunsar came forward to present him with a humanitarian award for his effort in the fight against Ebola, it became clear that Fadika’s work has not gone unnoticed by ordinary Sierra Leoneans who have been the direct beneficiaries of his unrivalled entrepreneurial genius and philanthropy.

Perhaps, a better expression of happiness by the people of Lunsar was when a local musician came forward to formally launch what would definitely become a hit single; “Nar u we want.”