Bo Rangers football club has successfully secured the signing of the highly regarded winger, Kwame Mketiah, previously with FC Kallon.

The chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club, Mr. Babadi Kamara, expressed confidence in the decision, stating that bringing Mketiah on board is crucial for maintaining the team’s impressive performance in the ongoing league.

Babadi Kamara emphasized that the club’s strategic move to acquire Mketiah’s talent is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their ambition to elevate their standing in the league.

He highlighted the winger’s skill set and contributions, expressing optimism about the positive impact Mketiah will have on the team’s dynamics.

The news of this significant transfer has ignited excitement and anticipation among football enthusiasts and fans across the city of Bo. The talented young winger has captured the attention of many, and supporters are eagerly looking forward to witnessing his immediate impact on the field.