The Northwestern Resident Minister, Umaru Bond Wurie, has express disapointment and Dissatisfaction Over the September 11 Protest in Port Loko District.ย 

Speaking to his people through the community radio Bankasoka on the 15 September this year He said, after taking up duty on the 11 July,he has tried to bring together various stakeholders in the region with the objective of ensuring that peace prevail in the region. He continued that, they held a meeting in which the deputy minister of Transport and Aviation, drivers union, keke drivers union, bike riders union, Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Port Loko District, Office of National Security ONS, SLRSA, were present.

“Despite all these effort made, some people decided to take the law into their hands” therefore, he emphatically state that, it is illegal and ask everybody in the district to condemn the action.

“I particularly is concerned about parents allowing their children to involve in an illegal demonstration instead of going to school. There is no justification to misuse children in such a manner.” On behalf of government, he registered disapointnent over the issue.

The Minister ended by giving advices as follow. Parents should endeavor to remove their children from the street and refrain from any form of illegal demonstration for their safety. Again, with immediate effect, nobody should go out in the form of demonstration without permission from the security forces. Additivonally, everyone should go a about there businesses. Lastly ” My office is accessible to everybody with griviance so that we resolve it Amicably.”