Hours after the heavy downpour left parts of the capital of Sierra Leone flooded, a portion of the historic cotton tree in central Freetown is also reportedly downed by heavy wind.

The heavy downpour has been going on for hours now leaving many locals of the Sierra Leonean capital Freetown with no option but to stay indoors.

This is the first time in many years that the historic cotton tree in the centre of the capital in such a state.

Late last week, the Director of the Sierra Leone Metrological Agency (SLMet), Gabriel Kpaka, warned that the country will experience flooding and possible disaster in this year’s wet season.

He admonished authorities to put modalities in place to avert casualties especially in the wettest months of June, July and August.

Wednesday’s event has already left thousands of Freetonians worried of what will become of the three wettest months as this year’s rains in May continue to be unprecedented.