The Parliament of Sierra Leone at Tower Hill, Freetown could not conduct its sitting due to power failure.

The Sierra Leonean House is being disturbed with intermittent power cuts since January 10.

This has hindered the ability of the House to carry out its normal sitting since the resumption of the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

According to reports, power outage disrupts the debate on the Sierra Leone Nursing and Midwifery Council Bill 2023. The blackout forced the House Speaker, Dr. Abass Bundu to put on hold the debate until power is restored.

It was reported that the debate was halted because of the power outage and that the back up generator of Tower Hill was without fuel.

About a week ago, the Electricity Distribution Supply Authority (EDSA) announced that there will be power outage at the capital’s Central Business District (CBD) where Parliament is also located.

In another news, President Bio has said that the country spends more money on energy now than before.

The President made this statement at the signing of an agreement with the World Bank to provide over 180 million US dollars to bolster the energy sector in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo and Chad.