The Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) has tagged the Unity Party to be uncompliant with their Act and the Constitution of the country.

The Commission noted that the Party acted undemocratic when they failed adhere to their directives by failing to inform the Commission on the conduct of their lower-level elections. The PPRC added that the party also failed to provide a list of their executives for wards and constituencies.

In response to the backlash by PPRC, the party said that it is their District Executives who have been voted for will select Wards Executive.

This fiasco between the Commission and the Party could mean that their Presidential aspirant, Femi Claudius-Cole would not partake in the June 2023 elections.

Claudius-Cole polled the least vote in the 2018 elections albeit her being the only female candidate. However, her comments on daily issues on social media has gained her much attention in recent years which could not be in fruition if she fails to contest in the next elections.