The Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) has in a letter, dated 4th may 2023, invited some key members of the party to a meeting.

The members invited included the Mayoral Aspirant, the Organising Secretary and the Public Relations Officer.

They are to meet with the Coordinator For The National Security and the Inspector General of Police on Monday 8th May, 2023 to settle their past differences and discuss on the way forward for future engagements.

Read Letter below:

“May I, without prejudice to the general congratulatory message that will be issued to all Political Parties, at the conclusion of the nomination process, firstly use this opportunity to congratulate the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates of your Party, on their successful nomination. The Commission looks forward to working with them and the rest of your executive, in the pursuit of a peaceful, credible and fear free multi-tier elections, on the 24th June 2023.

The attention of the Commission is drawn to the standoff between supporters of your Party and the police and the concerns raised by your Mayoral Candidate, about what she considers as unfair treatment of Supporters that graced her nomination.

In pursuance of our mandate, we engaged the leadership of the security sector on both issues and consistent with their continued efforts in building trust and confidence in the conduct of their operations, they have consented to a meeting with your Party, for a conversation on both issues, aimed at charting the way forward for future engagements.

In the light of the foregoing, the Chairman, your goodself, the Organising Secretary, Public Relations Officer and the Mayoral Candidate of your Party, are invited to a meeting with the National Security Coordinator and the Inspector General of Police, slated for Monday 8th May 2023, at 11am, in the conference room of the ONS, OAU Drive, Tower Hill”.