The Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) has given a stern warning to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) after their supporters clash with the opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) supporters at Calaba Town.

On Wednesday evening supporters of both the SLPP and APC clashed at Calaba Town.

According to the PPRC, it was supporters of the SLPP that provoked the incident when their supporters made inciting remarks against the APC supporters who were waiting to welcome their newly elected presidential candidate to Freetown.

The Commission said that the SLPP supporters assembled themselves at a certain Unity Ataya Base where they were “dancing and singing” songs of their party which in turn led to the APC supporters being provoked.

Consequently to the incident, the Commission warned the SLPP “to refrain from such disorderly conduct forthwith”.

The PPRC said that the party will face sanctions prescribed in their Act in case of any recurrence.