The Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), has issued a press release which is  dated 7th February, raising serious concerns about certain dealers violating license granted to them by the Agency.

The release noted with serious concerns that some dealers are in the habit of operating their gas station alongside Cinemas night clubs bars and other entertainment activities. This act is considered by the Agency as a contravention of the license granted for the purpose of selling fuel

The Agency further reminded the public that Part V11 Section 61 (1) of the statutory instrument of 2016 states “No person shall sell petroleum by retail as a trader or dealer unless on a license issued by the Agency for that purpose”.

Whilst approved minimarts and tire services are complements to the existence of night clubs, entertainment sports, and Cinemas around filling station, pose serious health and safety risk, taken into consideration the flammable nature of the Commodity.

The Regulatory Agency further pointed out that the safe handling of petroleum products in the best interest of public safety throughout the product life cycle. Hence gas stations in contravention of the stipulated act are hereby prohibited and will not be license in 2022. This is also applicable to all emerging gas stations

The press release concludes that to maintain good industry practice, affected dealers are  advised to visit the PRA headquarter to ascertain their Environmental, Health and Safety compliance status.