The Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) in Sierra Leone has cracked down on a gas station selling fuel above the official price.

The Director of Licensing & Inspections, Mr. Jayah Muana, led his team to seal the Conex Grafton fuel station for the violation.

This action comes amidst public concern about fuel scarcity. However, PRA Executive Chairman Brima Baluwa Koroma has repeatedly assured citizens that there is sufficient fuel in the country. The recent scarcity appears to be artificially created.

Reports indicate that fuel officially priced at NLe30 per liter is being sold by street vendors, known as “Jebu”, for NLe50-70 in various districts. Koroma condemned this practice and confirmed an additional 18 metric tons of fuel arrived in Sierra Leone on May 24th. He urged those hoarding fuel to stop immediately.

The Conex Grafton station now faces license revocation and a fine of NLe50,000 for violating regulations.