The NP Petroleum station located at Brookfields, Kinghaman Road in Freetown, faced consequences as its operations were halted and its license suspended due to deliberate non-compliance with Sierra Leone’s petroleum laws by refusing to sell fuel to the public.

The Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) Chairman oversaw the inspection and found the station declining to provide fuel to customers. During the investigation into this refusal, it was discovered that the station had ample fuel in stock:

Petrol: 14,800 liters (10,000 in BRV, 4,800 liters underground)
Diesel: 2,200 liters
The station’s failure to dispense fuel despite possessing sufficient stock led to the immediate suspension of its license and the closure of its operations. This action aims to uphold regulations ensuring the availability of fuel to the public as mandated by the country’s petroleum laws. Further actions are anticipated pending the outcome of the investigation into this violation.