The Petroleum Regulatory Agency of Sierra Leone and the Petroleum Regulatory Agency of Ghana have strengthened relationships to promote the petroleum sector.

In a bid to foster this relationship, the PRA Ghana visited the PRA Sierra Leone with the aim to explore ways for both the Agencies to improve improve efficiency in the regulation of the petroleum sector.

The partnership between the two Agencies will foster the sharing of vital information, expertise and strategies in the regulation of petroleum.

Speaking at the engagement, the Chie Executive of PRA Ghana, Dr. Mustapha Abdul Hamid, expressed Ghana’s willingness in rendering assistance to the PRA of Sierra Leon, adding that what has helping the people of Ghana in the petroleum sector is the active involvement of the government.

The Chief Executive of PRA, Sierra Leone, Dr. Baluwa Koroma expressed appreciation to the PRA of Ghana, stating PRA Sierra Leone is ready to strengthen its relationship in Ghana.

He added that in a near future, PRA Sierra Leone will send a team in Ghana to acquire more training on petroleum regulatory frameworks which according to him will in turn help promote the petroleum industry in Sierra Leone.