Fourah Bay college Student Union President , Adama  Sillah has welcomed freshmen to the University with words of inspiration.

The revered female president Pointed out that ”We are keeping maximum focus, dedication and commitment in bringing back the glorious days of Aureol. We do so with every strength due us, knowing that part of our obligation as students and leaders of today is to help those behind us inherit a college that is reflective of the world’s expectation and consistent with the rich history high school pupils read of Fourah Bay College on books.”

She believes that  just as every other year, they welcomed about a thousand of those bright and brilliant minds, to West African’s Oldest standing Western-Style Higher Institution of Learning. She welcomed the Freshmen to the rising tides of them, students, taking full responsibility for a better campus, better academic standards and a better future for all Fourahbites.

She concluded by stating that It’s a spring that Freshmen must support. It’s a movement they must join, because the only way they can Move and Conquer, is when they are together for the right reasons.

She emphasized ”Dear Freshmen, welcome to Athens of West Africa, Fourah Bay College. As I welcome you all in the name of Student Unionism.”