It has been over 100 days since President Bio secured his re-election for a second term in office. Sierraloaded conducted an interview in Freetown to gauge the sentiments of citizens regarding his governance and economic performance.

Mr. Samuel Tijan Kamara, a Lumley station businessman, praised President Bio’s dedication to governance reforms but voiced concerns regarding transparency, increased taxes, and the lack of clarity regarding tax expenditures.

He remarked, “While President Bio’s administration continues to prioritize governance reforms and institution-building, there are issues with transparency and accountability in how our tax funds are being utilized.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that President Bio should intensify efforts to combat corruption and enhance accountability, as these are central concerns.

Alfred Wise, another concerned citizen, acknowledged the government’s social initiatives but expressed disappointment with their execution, stressing the need for concrete actions.

He stated, “We’ve observed various ministers and government officials discussing ways to improve citizens’ social well-being on social media. Regrettably, we haven’t witnessed the actual implementation of their decisions.”

Mama Zainab Jalloh, an elderly woman, commended the government for maintaining relative stability but expressed worries about ongoing political conflicts.

She commented, “Sierra Leone has maintained a level of stability during this time, with continuous efforts to preserve peace and security. However, my concern lies in the ongoing conflict between APC and SLPP. I hope that President Bio and Samura can find common ground after their scheduled dialogue.”

Madam Isha Koroma acknowledged the government’s economic growth policies but voiced concerns about inflation and the cost of living, noting a gap between promises and outcomes. She raised alarm about the persistent inflation rates and the overall cost of living, which continue to impact citizens’ economic stability and well-being.

While the government has outlined plans for economic recovery, we are yet to witness tangible results. Everyday expenses are rising, and we are facing hardships. The government frequently introduces new taxes and appoints officials, yet we do not see improvements in the economy. President Bio promised to take action, but it appears that talk outweighs action in his second term.

Regarding foreign relations, she expressed hope for economic growth through diplomatic efforts.

In summary, the evaluation of President Bio’s first 100 days indicates progress in governance reforms and social initiatives, but it also highlights challenges related to transparency, implementation, and economic stability. The future impact of these policies remains uncertain.