Following her first tweet condemning the silence of the Bio Government over the claims of seizure of August 10 victims corpses which few hours followed the press statement from the Government on the aforementioned subject, Sierra Leonean journalist, political commentator and newspaper publisher Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has pictured President Bio in a man’s trap.

Sylvia added that no Government has the right to forcefully seize corpses from their Next of kin or close relatives unless the State is under a State of Emergency or at the brink of war. She continued that, another reason that granted the state to any corpse is when the person is charged with Treason the court.

“If the Families and Next-Of-Kin of the deceased do not agree, then it is bizarre to seize the corpses but if the Families have agreed to the State-led, dignified burial, then that is fine. No wahala” she expressed.

In the situation of Evangelist Samson, who was allegedly shot on a cross fire with the police on August 14, Sylvia drew the attention of the Government to his issue as he was not a victim of the protest but shot few days after the protest.

“the Government has conspicuously left out mention of Evangelist Samson who was not killed on August 10th but was killed several days after August 10th” Sylvia tweeted.

Sylvia Blyden affirmed that the seizure of victims corpses based on the perception of security intelligence by some key stakeholders of the Government to President Bio is bad advice. This she recalled years back that she encountered an abuse from the same legal bad advice.

“Arbitrary seizure of corpses based on so-called perceived security intelligence by the Government, is BAD ADVISE to the President – very bad legal advise. I place such advise in the same category of the NASTY and FALSE security intelligence that was given to President Bio against me in April 2020 which led to the most egregious abuse ever meted out to a Woman like me in our country.”

These happenings and bad advice amidst the educated elites in the Bio Government in Sylvia’s mind eye is a man trap set for President Bio. According to her, the Legal, security and Intelligence Advicers of the President are playing their petit games to maliciously or incriminate President Bio in a trap his reputations may be ruined.

In my opinion, which I am entitled to hold, H.E. President Dr. Julius Maada Bio is being set up by his Legal, Security and Intelligence Advisers to become recorded as a Serial Abuser of the Rights of his Citizens. His reputation is being trapped into a cul-de-sac that his reputation may not be able to reverse out of.

The saddest part of it all is that the President is himself glibly walking into the traps – over and over and over again. Quite a pity.

I honestly pity President Bio and I pray to God Almighty that if I ever become President of Sierra Leone, I don’t get the misfortune of having to place my confidence in such legal, security and intelligence Advisers of the kind that have been advising President Bio,” She concluded on her tweet.