Institute Of Chartered Accountants have advised their members In an open letter to the Attorney General, following   the Suspension of the Auditor General, not to accept any appointment for the said position.

The institute of chartered Accountants of Sierra Leone of Sierra Leone was established by an Act of Parliament to regulate the profession of Accounting and Auditing and its practitioners in the public interest.

The Audit Service of Sierra Leone is a constitutionally protected entity responsible for the independent audit of public finances. The Auditor General and the Deputy Auditor General are members of the institute and are subject to their regulation.

The Institute is concerned about the unprecedented suspension from their ASSL employment and kindly request the Attorney General, in the public interest to timely provides ICASL Of such information that formed the basis of the suspension and the procedures followed pursuant to sections 119 and 137 of the 1991 constitution.

The provision of the required information will also allow the Institute to assess, and pronounce itself , on the extent to which the global professional  codes  of practice and conduct breached, if any.