A brother of mine told me one day that there was a time before the 2018 elections that he nearly gave up on the Sierra Leone People’s Party to which he himself belongs.

According to my brother, he was totally taken aback by the many fights between party supporters who were massing at the party’s HQ at Wallace Johnson Street, on a daily basis. He had his doubts then as to whether or not the party will ever be able to come together again.

“I was heartbroken,” my brother lamented. “I thought my beloved SLPP was finished then.”

This was how bad things became in the SLPP in those opposition days.

Under such situation, it takes a man and it also takes the loyalty of that man to be put the Humpty Dumpty SLPP together again as the party had been fragmented into many factions with each faction having its own agenda.

My brother was not alone in his thoughts about the SLPP then. The fragmentation didn’t just come by accident but rather caused by certain elements within the SLPP who were bent on causing as much mayhem to stop President Bio from ever becoming the party flagbearer and the President of Sierra Leone.

As things worsened, there emerged the “karandays” or disciples who were determined to become “karamokors” or lecturers without going through any discipline.

There were also the “fontobas” or non-ranked elements who wanted to take over the 5-Star General positions by tricks.

With both of those sides sensing that they will not get the grapes as Dr. Prince Alex Harding stood firmly on their way, they went and joined toddlers’ political parties thinking that their departures will take numbers from the Sierra Leone Peoples Party. Through thick and thin Dr. Prince Alex Harding stayed put even when members of the toddler’s party set people up to embarrass him on a daily basis.

Dr. Prince Alex Harding stayed on to fight on for the party he loves and to stay with His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio and remain loyal to him to end.

With his political holsters by his side where was embedded his campaign pistol loaded with tactical bullets, the Bullet marched on with President Bio and the SLPP.