The incongruous story given about Mohamed Kamarainba’s US passport by his legal counsel to the Master and Registrar of the court who should endorse his stiff bail conditions, is largely to blame for the delay of his release.

Part of the opposition Alliance Democratic Party Leader, Mohamed Kamarainba’s bail conditions required him to submit his travelling documents including his American passport to the Court. This aspect of the bail condition has not only delayed his release since granted bail a week ago but also created weird drama between the court and his legal counsel, which has provoked widespread debate among the populace.

Mockingly, though Kamarainba’s lawyer initially told the court in two sworn affidavits that he does not have an American passport but later admitted having one, which he said, got burnt when fire engulfed his house in Makeni in 2018.

From The Satellite Newspaper, this flagrant inconsistence in his lawyer’s statement created cynicism in the mind of the Master and Registrar who requested them to produce a police report of the incident or make an undertaking to report the incident to the American Embassy.

According to the Judiciary Communications Unit, despite being admitted to bail, he has still not met his bail conditions. He was granted bail based on his deteriorating health condition after spending 14 months in detention for an alleged crime of sexual penetration of a 15-year-old girl.