As Sierra Leone expands and its population soar daily, tangible infrastructural developments like constructing regional airports is inevitable.

Thus to reduce the workload on the only international airport in Sierra Leone, that is the Lungi International airport, a company, Africa Gulf is in the country to build a new airport in Bo, Southern Sierra Leone.

According to the Communication officer of Africa Gulf, Jobson Saffa Momoh has confirmed the company is going to build an airport in Bo soon.

He informed it is no fake news that Africa Gulf is going to the built an airport in Bo, the second city of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Jobson Saffa Momoh said the company has been negotiating with the authorities of the Ministries of Trade, Transport and Aviation since 2019.

He said the Airport project is financed by private people and the government of Sierra Leone is not financing the project.

Last week the company took journalists to the site, where the communication officer stated that they invited the media to go and see the project which people are referring to be a fake project. He added that journalists inform the public about happenings and it is their responsibility to report what they see on the ground.

Jobson Saffa Momoh said the Airport project will consist of a modern airport, an industrial zone, a hotel and other facilities.

He added the project will cost the company millions of dollars.

He disclosed some people are peddling lies against Africa Gulf which is solely funding the project.

“Already, clearing of the site has started in preparation of the actual work to start,” he disclosed.

Jobson Momoh said some people are not willing to come onboard to support the project and too much bureaucracy is delaying the work but expressed hope that people will come onboard in the interest of the country.

Asked whether some people want to influence the project to be taking to their region, he replied that the airport project is not focusing on region or individuals but for the general good of the country.

He called on the people of Sierra Leone to support the project in the interest of the country and that they are not going to be distracted by anyone.

Town Chief of Bandajuma, Henry Maala, said when they told them about the airport project, they were all very happy since it is a manifestation of good government.

Chief Maala said they have gone ahead to support the project by providing land. He stated that they are going to give Africa Gulf 750 acres of land to build the airport.

He informed that they have not gone into proper arrangements yet with Africa Gulf but it will happen soon.

“I believe in development and our people will benefit. Our children and unborn children will benefit tomorrow,” he stressed.

Chief Henry Maala concluded that as chiefs and land owners they will support the Airport project from start to finish.
Let us out it this way.

Jobson Momoh said some people are not willing to come onboard to support the project and there is too much buracracy and delaying the work but we’re hoping that in the interest of the country they’ll come onboard.

Africa Gulf is going to build the airport in Bo between Bandajuma and Nyadehun villages on the Bo-Kenema Highway, Kakua Chiefdom in Southern Sierra Leone.