The capital, Freetown and some major towns in Sierra Leone have been paralysed once again by an other anti-government protest and sit-at-home strike, a civil disobedience designed to send a very strong message to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) led government that the people are fed up with what is seemingly an incompetent leadership.

The reason for the civil disobedi ence is not unconnected with hard ship, uncontrollable price hikes of food and basic commodities, ram- s pant corruption, tribalism, nepotism, human rights abuses, gender based violence, lack of respect for st the rule of law and the Constitution.

The city and its surburbs are ghost towns once again as businesses for paralyse, street hawkers and sellers, commercial motorbike and tri- cycle riders, commercial drivers and workers stayed home in compliance with the civil disobedience which have seen life paralysed everywhere.

The protest this time, which has be been planned during the past two or three weeks, is going to continue for till Wednesday 10th August, 2022 it when it will climax with street demonstration, according to the organizers.

This latest action against the SLPP is planned by certain people who identified themselves with the acronym meaning Peoples Power in Politics and is led by the popular social media commentator in Holland, Adebayor, who many of his listeners and supporters in Sierra Leone and around the world described as King.

This strike action is clear indication that Sierra Leoneans listen to Adebayor and they obey him, contrary to the belief held by the SLPP.

that he is a mere rabble-rouser. Sierra Leoneans interviewed by citizens Journalists said they complied with Adebayor’s call for civil disobedience because they are fed up with Maada Bio and his government , which they said promised more than they have delivered stressing that hardship, tribalism, inflation , joblessness and wasteful overseas travels have become the order of the day.

Photos and videos being posted on the Social media show closed shops and businesses and deserted streets in the capital and some parts of the country. People stay at home to send a strong message to President Bio that Sierra Leoneans can no longer be taken for granted . Even the ferries to and from Lungi have not been running and the wharfs are deserted