Yes, everyone who will take Government WASSCE this year must have an NIN. It is the responsibility of the student, the parents, and the schools to ensure that this right of every child is enjoyed.

Already, NCRA has over 3 million children registered in the system who are under 18. So do not fall for the myths around NIN and elections.

The deadline for WASSCE candidate entries are in November/December. Are you telling me that it’s unreasonable to have students obtain their National ID Numbers- which is their right, within 3 months?

We can do better. And we will transform our country.

When we have the NIN entry, then we can find those who defraud the system easily. We will find all those employees (public and private) who come to take Government WASSCE and we will forward them to ACC.

Let the public know that we won’t have exceptions. It’s the responsibility of the schools to ensure that the students have valid NINs. If the NIN is not valid (make sure you cross check it), you won’t be registered to take the exam and your results won’t be published.

Thank you!

Ps- we’ve been talking about this for two years. Last year we even had a press release on it. This year we will implement it. Education nor to for politics… na for wi pikin den tumara