The Pujehun District Council Primary School, located at the heart of Fayama Rubba, Perri Chiefdom, Pujehun District, is in a state of despair, prompting an impassioned plea from its staff, pupils, and community leaders for immediate intervention.

Established in 2010 as part of a noble initiative by World Vision, the school was later taken over by the Pujehun District Council. However, since then, the institution has undergone minimal rehabilitation, leaving it in a dire condition that threatens the safety and education of its pupils.

Sengbeh Massaquoi, the school’s head teacher, expressed grave concerns about the deteriorating state of the institution. He revealed that there are only four teachers, all volunteering their services due to the lack of salaries, and none of them possess pin codes, indicating their unsupported status.

Despite the dedication of the teaching staff, the school grapples with a severe shortage of teaching and learning materials, severely hampering the quality of education provided.

Usman Massaquoi, one of the teachers, emphasized the significant challenges faced due to this scarcity, making it exceedingly difficult to impart effective instruction to the eager young minds.

Ibharim Turay, the Head Boy of the school, echoed these concerns, stating that the absence of proper facilities and materials severely hampers their learning experience. He fervently called upon the government to prioritize the urgent needs of their school and its pupils, emphasizing the importance of a conducive learning environment.

Chief Sengbe Sonjoh, the Town Chief of Fayama, commended the teachers for their unwavering commitment to delivering quality education despite the harsh conditions. He highlighted the students’ excellent performance in both class exams and public exams, underscoring the potential of the pupils and the dedication of the teaching staff.

The collective appeal from the school’s management, staff, pupils, and community leaders underscores the urgency of the matter. Immediate assistance is imperative to ensure the safety and educational well-being of the children who rely on this institution for their futures.

The Pujehun District Council Primary School and its community await the response of the government, NGOs, and stakeholders, hoping that their plea for help will be answered promptly, securing a brighter future for the pupils and preserving the essence of education in the region.

Many other Pujehun District Council schools are in the same status, in dire need of serious attention