Residents of Pujehun District are calling for the establishment of a nursing school to address the critical shortage of educational opportunities in healthcare, particularly for young women. The district, which has a population of about 335,574, currently only has a midwifery school, hence many aspiring nurses relocate to other regions to pursue their studies, leaving a significant gap in local healthcare education.

This call to action comes on the heels of the recent opening of applications for the Maternal and Child Health Aide (MCHA) course at the district’s midwifery school. The program received an overwhelming number of applications, underscoring the high demand for nursing education in the area. Despite the enthusiasm, only a few applicants were enrolled, leaving a large number of qualified candidates without a pathway to advance their healthcare careers.

Community leaders, educators, and potential students are united in their support for the proposed nursing school, which they believe will provide much-needed opportunities for the district’s youth, particularly girls and young mothers. The new institution would not only bolster local healthcare services but also contribute to the economic and social upliftment of the Pujehun District.

The proposed nursing school aims to offer a comprehensive educational program with affiliation agreements in place with over 60 healthcare facilities, providing students with diverse and rich clinical experiences. The initiative is expected to address the acute shortage of healthcare professionals in the district and enhance the overall health infrastructure.