In a press release issued on November 30, 2023, the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) addressed concerns regarding queues at retail outlets for petroleum products in major cities. The agency attributed the situation to a temporary interruption in routine pipeline maintenance over the weekend, disrupting the normal supply chain.

The PRA assured the public that the pipeline maintenance has been successfully completed overnight, with petroleum products transferred to fuel terminals such as NP SL, LeonOil & Conex Energy. Full trucking operations are currently underway at these installations.

To allay fears of shortages during the festive period, the PRA emphasized that there is an ample stock of petroleum products available. They urged the public to refrain from speculative or panic buying, assuring that supplies will meet demands.

In terms of pricing, the PRA announced that pump prices will remain unchanged at NLe30 per litre throughout Sierra Leone. This decision is based on the current import parity and downstream pricing structure.

The press release concluded with a stern warning to notorious petroleum hoarders, urging them to cease illegal activities. The PRA emphasized that those engaging in hoarding may face severe consequences, including the cancellation of operating licenses.