A Former pupil of Providence International High School in Freetown, Mohamed Haroun Conteh has been ordered by Magistrate Marke Ngegba to be remanded at Pa Demba Road Court No.1 for allegedly stabbing his 62 years old teacher, Gillis Edward Ola Johnson to death months back.

It was recorded that the 17 years old pupil was investigated and charged to court on a one count charge of murder that is contrary to the law that on Saturday 11th March murdered his teacher at 54 Victoria Street in Freetown.

The police witness, DP S 9546 Hamid Conteh testifies after taking the oath and led in examination in chief by state council Umu Sumaray that, on the date of the murder incident, he was on duty at the central police station when he got an alert by assistant superintendent of police crime minor Lahai Marah that he needs to visit a crime scene at 54 victoria street. He moved immediately, and at the scene met assistant superintendent Lahai Marah and other police officers.

He described from observations made that the place was a dwelling house consisting two rooms and a parlour, adding that, as they were shocked by the sight at the scene, two blue pens and two red pens stocked in the throat of the deceased.

He said he took picture with his digital camera whilst the remains were later taking to the Connaught teaching hospital mortuary for post-Morten.

The pictures were produced and tendered as exhibits (B1-6). AG Kamanda stood in locust for E.T Koroma Esq a date as instructed by the head of the chamber for cross-examination.

The magistrate adjourned the matter to the 30th May, 2023, as was reported by Audrey Raymonda John.