According to reports, Sierra Leonean – China based professional painter Neneh Ada Koroma popularly known as Queennak was involved in a car accident at the Jerome Avenue in New York City, New York.

According to sources, Queennak was in her car with other relatives when she got hit by another driver. The undisclosed driver was pulling out of his double parking space and accidentally hit Queennak on her side.

With pains and suffering from the accident, the celebrity confirmed that they are alive but in pain. This misfortune of hers she affiliated to the devious works of her enemy. She blamed the accident as one of the mischievous acts of her enemies who wish to see her dead.

Explaining the happenings of the accident, Queennak disclosed:

R get accident today na Jerome Avenue. The guy pulled out of his double parking n hit me on my side. We’re in pain but thank God we’re Alive. The enemy has failed again my Lord is my light and my salvation whome shall I fear!!!